Eric Salmon & Partners

Founded in 1990, Eric Salmon & Partners is one of the most prestigious Executive Search Group in Europe.

Well known from its reputation on excellence, professionalism and performance, Eric Salmon & Partners have managed diverse missions globally. Some of the most prestigious European searches of the past few years have carried the discrete signature of Eric Salmon & Partners.

Our partnership with Eric Salmon & Partners allow us to develop international projects in Europe (Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Paris and Rome), USA (Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Portland and Silicon Valley), Asia (Shanghai and Singapore) and South America (Sao Paulo).

Barrett Values Centre

"We believe that people achieve a better performance when they can bring their entire Self to work. We believe that organizations work better when their leaders are focused on building cultures guided by values that benefit their teams, their clients and different sectors of society. We believe that when you measure your culture, you can manage it." (Barrett Values Centre).

The Barrett Values Centre provides powerful metrics that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organizations. The Cultural Transformation Tools have been used to map the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 90 countries.

Barrett Values Centre’s Cultural Transformation Tools are among the most detailed and comprehensive cultural diagnostics. By mapping your values to the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, you will be able to measure and manage your culture.  What you measure, you can manage.

Draft4 Managing Partners are affiliated with the Barrett Values Centre as Cultural Transformation Models and Tools® (CTT) Certified Consultants.