Executive Search

We work in prospecting, attraction, assessment, selection and hiring of executives for Top & Middle Management. Our approach comprises an integrated executive vision, understanding of needs and challenges of the organization and the analysis of the points of convergence between them. We take into account the expertise, experience, mindset, values, potential and the appropriate network to address the challenges and priorities of your organization.

Our partnership with Eric Salmon & Partners allow us to develop international projects in Europe (Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Paris and Rome), USA (Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Portland and Silicon Valley), Asia (Shanghai and Singapore) and South America (Sao Paulo).

Leadership Assessment

We support our customers in Leadership Assessment for Executive Search or Internal Selection processes, and for Leadership Development programs.

The Leadership Assessment for Executive Search process takes into account the expertise, experience, adherence to culture, motivators, personality and network appropriate to the challenges and priorities of your organization.

The Leadership Assessment for Development Program comprises an integrated vision of the executive, including Self-Assessment, 360o Leadership evaluation, Cultural Values, Skills and Personality, contextualized to the challenges and priorities of your organization.

As a consequence of our Leadership Assessment service, we provide Coaching to develop the current or future leaders in different contexts, such as, a succession process, the need to identify talents, a development program or even to assess the leaders’ readiness to be in charge of business transformation, cultural change or integration of post M&A situations.

Culture Management

We develop programs to increase leadership engagement through greater alignment of culture to business goals. From the understanding of business priorities, Culture and the organizational issues, we support the planning and execution of actions focused on improving performance.

Our Culture Management services include, among others:

Our consulting approach in Culture Management is very pragmatic in supporting organizational movements, such as: