Draft4 supports its clients to increase the competitive advantage of their businesses, through consulting services in people and performance.

The Managing Partners have extensive experience working in Executive Search, Leadership Assessment, Coaching and Diagnosis and Culture Management to sectors such as Banking & Insurance, Telecom & Media, Information Technology, Automotive, Aeronautic, Infrastructure, Energy, Oil & Gas, Construction, Agribusiness, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare.

The Managing Partners have occupied leadership positions such as Senior Executive Director, Managing Director and CEO, having accumulated deep knowledge across business cycle in Startups, Medium and Large Corporations, from strategic planning, business development, recruitment and selection, leadership development, and business transformation.

Our approach with focus on people helps our clients not only to identify internal and external talents, but also to improve leadership development through the Executive Search and Leadership Assessment services.

Our approach with focus on performance brings value to our customers by increasing alignment between business strategy and the leadership priorities, strengthening the engagement of teams and reducing the waste of resources (Cultural Entropy). We do this through Culture Management.

Through a consultative and collaborative approach, and with the support of our partners, we provide Executive Search, Leadership Assessment and Culture Management to address high-impact issues for the business of our clients, such as:

The Managing Partners of Draft4 are affiliated with the Barrett Values Centre in England, which has been operating, for almost twenty years, in development of methods and tools that enable leaders to measure and manage the cultures of their organizations.

We are able to develop international projects with our partners in Europe (Brussels, Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Milan, Paris and Rome), USA (Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Cleveland, Dallas, Minneapolis, Portland and Silicon Valley), Asia (Shanghai and Singapore) and South America (Sao Paulo).

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